Midsummer: Sweden’s biggest holiday of the year

June 23, 2019By ChristinaNews No Comments

Work. Work. Work. So much painting, illustrating, writing and editing has taken place of the course of this past week! Thanks to Josh for watching Jonah in the Swedish wilderness so I can continue plugging away at creating this book! It’s been a joy watching them explore up in Saxnäs. We decided to get out … Read More

A trip to Norway!

June 19, 2019By ChristinaNews No Comments

Today we had your typical Scandinavian day. We ate hard boiled eggs for breakfast, drank coffee and had Nutella with our biscuits. I look over at Josh drinking tea and ask ‘What do you want to do today?’ He said ‘Hmmm, want to go to Norway?’ Swooning at my husbands romantic and spontaneous thinking I … Read More

Days at Ricklundgården

June 17, 2019By ChristinaNews No Comments

Almost halfway done with the Residency and life has been good. For those of you just tuning in I’m on my third Art Residency in northern Sweden at Ricklundgården, a non profit Art Residency program generously sponsored by the Emma Ricklund foundation. My first Residency was in Juneau with the Alaska State Parks about a … Read More

A 500 mile drive for art!

June 11, 2019By ChristinaNews No Comments

470 miles, 4 nights stay, 1 elk, and countless ice cream cones with Swedish flags have brought us to Saxnas, Sweden, where like Alaska, the sun never sets! This is the place of my art residency. It is so beautiful here, I can’t wait to tell you more about this piece of paradise. But let’s … Read More

Välkommen To Sweden!

June 4, 2019By ChristinaNews No Comments

2 hours in a car from southern Minnesota where we joyously celebrated my sister’s wedding, 6 hours by plane to Iceland, then 3 hours to Stockholm has brought us joyously to Sweden! We’ve enjoyed Lingonberry juice, Pilsner beers, Swedish meatballs (here they just call them meatballs!) in a sweet brown gravy, lingonberry reduction sauce, and … Read More

Iceland: Auroras, Snow Hiking, & Blue Lagoon

September 25, 2018By ChristinaNews No Comments

We’ve been enjoying this week in Iceland. We’ve left the island of Hrísey after a amazing month painting in beautiful Eyjafjordur. For those of you just tuning in I am in Iceland completing an artist residency of the northern coast of Iceland in Eyjafjordur. This is my story. Some highlights this week included the most … Read More

Iceland: the international artist exhibit

September 23, 2018By ChristinaNews No Comments

A month of amazing adventures has come to an end in one fantastic art exhibit at Saeborg in Hrisey. For those of you just tuning in, I was awarded an artist on residency program in the village of Hrísey, off the coast of northern Iceland, to create a new body of work inspired by the … Read More

Iceland: My Painting Technique

September 20, 2018By ChristinaNews No Comments

Hello from Hrísey! I’m back on the island and am fully enjoying the second half of the Artist in Residence program. I’m off the north coast in Iceland the month of September for a residency program at Gamli Skoli (Old School Arthouse) in the Eyjafjordur region. This is my story. The first part of my … Read More

Iceland: The Southeast Coast

September 16, 2018By ChristinaNews No Comments

I’m in Iceland for one month on an artist grant in painting. Along the way I’m painting, exploring and living fully through adventure, this is my story. It’s been an incredible drive through the last part of the country with glaciers, waterfalls, and hikes to boot. We ate some incredible lamb shank in Egilstaddir, the … Read More

Iceland: The Northeast coast

September 16, 2018By ChristinaNews 2 Comments

For those of you just tuning in, I’m in Iceland on a one month painting residency through a grant in higher education with the non profit Nordenbal. This is my experience. At day 10 I was running out of oil paints so my husband, Josh and toddler Jonah took a mid-residency break to finish driving … Read More