For those of you just tuning in, I’m in Iceland on a one month painting residency through a grant in higher education with the non profit Nordenbal. This is my experience.

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At day 10 I was running out of oil paints so my husband, Josh and toddler Jonah took a mid-residency break to finish driving the ring around Iceland, thank goodness for little paint shops in the north!

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The cute blue corner where the art shop was.

We were able to get the paints and headed on our way. We are heading to Lake Myvatn where there are boiling mud pots, warm heated nature baths, and wonderful rock formations to hike in!

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Photo of fun occurrences on the northeast coast at the art shop.

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We started off by taking the ferry from Hrísey, Jonah was excited!

It was time for some eats so we headed to a restaurant where the owner picked Josh up hitchhiking into Akureyri.

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This was the most delicious meal I’ve had yet. If anyone has had the French pepper steak at Double Musky Inn, this is the fish equivalent.

Close your eyes, imagine fish, deep fried in a ball in Viking beer batter, THEN imagine deep fried potatoes and the deep fried fish ball doused in pepper gravy YESSSSS!

Pure bliss.

So if you are ever in Akureyri, this is what the fish ball restaurant looks like. Also, the owner who picked Josh up hitchhiking has acted in over 40 Shakespeare plays, so pick his brain on it!

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We are off to some beautiful Myvatn nature baths! Myvatn means Fly Lake, luckily there weren’t any flies, but there were beautiful views!

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Gorgeous turquoise blue waters graced bridges.

And then there were hot baths…

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I promised Jonah loved it 😀 he used his floaters and kicked happily in the 38 degree Celsius water, so beautiful and warm was this gorgeous lagoon!

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It was a relaxing and warm on a 46 degree day!

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We also saw beautiful boiling mud pots! 250 degrees Fahrenheit! We did not swim in these.

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We did enjoy the steam though!

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Well we think Jonah enjoyed it!

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More to come on adventures around the ring road!

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