Iceland: The Northeast coast

September 16, 2018By Christina WilsonNews 2 Comments

For those of you just tuning in, I’m in Iceland on a one month painting residency through a grant in higher education with the non profit Nordenbal. This is my experience. At day 10 I was running out of oil paints so my husband, Josh and toddler Jonah took a mid-residency break to finish driving … Read More

Iceland: days in Eyjafjordur

September 12, 2018By Christina WilsonNews No Comments

After two weeks in Iceland, halfway through my residency, we are settling into a routine and enjoying ourselves to the fullest. For those of you just tuning in, I’m in Iceland on a one month painting residency. The location is Hrísey which is off the northern most point in Iceland in the Eyjafjordur waters. What … Read More

Iceland: blue paint and blueberries

September 9, 2018By Christina WilsonNews 1 Comment

It has totally been the land of blueberries this week. Jonah tends to just eat the blueberries whole by the bowl. We’ve picked hundreds to our heart’s content here in the ‘energy zone’ a place that is supposed to fill you with great energy! We can’t believe the fields of orange, red, and green in … Read More

Iceland: Life on Hrísey

September 6, 2018By Christina WilsonNews 1 Comment

For those of you just tuning in I’m in Iceland for a one month painting residency in the far north off the coast of Akureyri. We’ve made it to the island of Hrísey! The island is so beautiful with natural landscapes of birds, sea life, and a lot of flora and fauna all around. The … Read More

Iceland: heading up the West Coast

September 1, 2018By Christina WilsonNews No Comments

It’s fine to head to Hrísey for the painting residency! Before we go we decide to take in a few more signs. We Do something very common in Iceland. Head to an outdoor swimming pool that is geothermal my heated! In Iceland it’s not uncommon to take a soak before work. We take in the … Read More

Iceland: The Reykjanesskagi Peninsula

August 30, 2018By Christina WilsonNews 4 Comments

Today we arrived in Iceland. I’m in Iceland on an art grant traveling to an island called Hrísey off the north coast to paint at residency. My family is joining me to share the adventure. This is our journey… It was one of those rare, beautiful sunny mornings. Josh and I were running on 6 … Read More

Teaching Art in Villages 2018

February 17, 2018By Christina WilsonUncategorized No Comments

My car filled to the brim with supplies for the Village Outreach Program. 2 months ago I received an email through my website which was titled “Teaching Art – Polar Bears!” My heart started racing as I opened the email. I was frantically reading through an email which paraphrased was “ConocoPhillips… 300 community members… painting … Read More

Teaching in Africa

January 25, 2018By Christina WilsonNews No Comments

A Gumbanko student and I painting the Gumbanko Classroom World Mural. I was in the Peace Corps as a volunteer in Mali, West Africa from 2007-2009. I was able to do many environment, health, and wellness projects, but as an Education in Arts volunteer my favorite projects involved painting! The high school teacher approached me … Read More