I was fortunate to be part of a group show at Pleiades Gallery in New York City in January 2018. My work featured included large scale abstract pieces influenced by life around me.

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4 large scale works were featured in NYC in the hip Chelsea Arts District.

Art 2 - NYC Art Show 2018
Friends and acquaintances gather at my group art show at Pleiades Gallery in NYC.

Two of my works featured light which is a central focus of life in Alaska – our sun.

Two other pieces were inspired by my family and travels. Kita, a lab husky I owned was featured in red, her smile is electric just like in this piece. Santorini was another featured painting based on the white washed buildings one can see in Greece.

image1 2 - NYC Art Show 2018
Color, life, texture, and movement are elements in my work.

My process includes much layering and coloring, I love using heavy body acrylic and oil paint to really get texture in my pieces.

art 1 - NYC Art Show 2018
My husband and best friend enjoying the gallery.

The show was amazing and full of life, thank you to so many people who made it happen!

At My Art Show in NYC Januyary 2018 - NYC Art Show 2018


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