birchy - The Life of a Commission

Have you ever wondered what a commission is? A commission is a piece that was specifically requested for a customer to fit the needs and personality of their home. I was commissioned this past September to do a lovely piece for a couple’s 5th year anniversary, with two new baby twins on the way!


It started out simple, they wanted blue background with yellow leaves, something whimsical.


Commission - The Life of a Commission

It ended up lovely with life and full of color, the couple was so happy to receive the piece and the husband was able to surprise his wife with the gift a few days before the babies were born! It graces their entryway to their home with their new family 🙂

IMG 2829 - The Life of a Commission
If you would like to commission a piece, please click on the “Contact Me” button on my website for pricing and sizing information.

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